Alternative City Comics is an imprint started by Lorenzo Ross in 2006.
Ross, a self taught cartoonist writes and draws all the titles that are currently available. From the moody
Alternative City where everyone has at least one dark secret, to Awesome 5! a superhero parody
featuring characters Ross created in his childhood. Life in the Big City focuses mostly on the main
characters Quentin & Marcus as they plod through life in an urban setting, while Complicated Hair follows
an ensemble cast and their daily exploits working at a large art supply store in Chicago. The newest
addition, Ninja Bunny Assassin is a sometimes violent sometimes amusing and always insane romp through
a world where anthropomorphic bunnies are liable to cut your head off. All these wonderful books are
available under the "buy comics" tab on this website. Our sister site is Psychic Unicorns where you can buy
buttons, magnets, t-shirts and other things that will make your life complete.